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Siem Reap - Day 2 (6th Aug 2012)

After a thorough research, we decided to go with Mr. Son Day Tours. The 3.5-day itinerary was reasonable at US$270 including US$90 for 2 x US$40 3-day Angkor Pass and 2 x US$5 Beng Melea Entrance Fee, and airport transfers. More information can be found at http://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/Attraction_Review-g297390-d2182242-Reviews-Mr_Son_Day_Tours-Siem_Reap_Siem_Reap_Province.html

This morning we were a little pressed for time, hence we decided to order in-room breakfast (bacons, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, smoked salmon, Danish pastries, fruits, hot chocolate and cereal) at the balcony. I could wake up to this any day!

Breakfast In-Room (2)

Breakfast In-Room (1)

First stop at Angkor Thom's Southern Gate. Elephant "lovers", again, you can pay US$15-20 for an elephant ride into Angkor Thom.

Angkor Thom - South Gate

Angkor Thom - South Gate´s Gods on the Left

Angkor Thom - South Gate´s Smiling Stone Faces 2

Then we went over to one of the key attractions - The Bayon. One of my favourite temples. Do wake up early to beat the crowd and noise that came with it. 

The Bayon - Seen Through A Door

The Bayon - Main Tower 2

The Bayon - Apsara

The Bayon - Framed with Door

A great example of the intermittent showers in Siem Reap. One moment it is all sunny and hot, the next moment passing showers. It can get pretty muddy around the temples, do bring an umbrella and wear proper footwear. 

The Bayon - Downpour

Back into the 4WD, we drove about 5 minutes before stopping at the entrance of a forest short-cut towards Preah Khan.

One of the Angkor Temples - Fallen Tree

Apsara in the Hall of Dancers

Preah Khan - Apsaras in the Hall of Dancers

Preah Khan - Children Hanging Out

Preah Khan - Crushing Tree Roots 2

A library apparently.

Preah Khan - Library

Sweet couple...awwwwwww

Preah Khan - Wedding Photoshoot 2

After Preah Khan, the next stop was Baphuon. Both a must-see and must-climb (to climb, LADIES do be mindful of your attire as the authorities require tops that cover shoulders and pants/skirts that at least cover your knees) temple with amazing view at the top!

Baphuon - Steep Climb

Baphuon - At the Top

Baphuon - From the Top 2

At the back of Baphuon, an unfinished reclining Buddha built with fallen stones from other parts of the temple. 

Baphuon - Unfinished Reclining Buddha 2

A short 5-10 minutes walk to the Terrace of the Elephants before breaking for lunch nearby. Lunch within the park can cost around US$15-20 per pax but the both of us ordered 5 dishes to share and two huge coconuts. 

Terrace of Elephants

To be continued...

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