October 16th, 2012

Self-Reflection 之 我在忙什么

Been busy making new friends all over the world (well, over the internet) to spread (at the same time, improve) my knowledge and blog far and wide. Here are some links, but I like to stress that I am NOT endorsing or vouching for these sources in any way:

http://susandods.com/blog/ - nice collection of antique bracelets;

http://www.jadebase.com/forum/ - requires annual subscription to join a group of Neolithic to Zhou period jade enthusiasts; 

http://www.jadeitejade.com/2011/05/hongshan-neolithic-jade-for-sale/ - Expert gemologist in gemstones (including Jadeite and Nephrite) with a healthy bit of skepticism.

I'm just glad to meet more like-minded people in this field and look forward to exchanging knowledge between us.

Going forward, to make the blog more interesting, I will be writing on topics like:

- To become a collector, start early, start young or start right now. You do not need a fortune for that;

- Review well-known collectors and both museum and private collections;

- TV shows on appraisals, auctions, dealers and documentaries; 

- Dubious auction houses and dealers;

- Travel photos and experience;

- Good food locally and abroad.

Feel free to add comments on what I could discuss in further detail. =)