October 4th, 2012

Too Good To Be True 之 卧虎藏虫

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Part & Parcel of Collecting...

The above piece attempts to emulate highly popular tiger carvings between the Western Zhou 西周 and Eastern Zhou periods 春秋战国时代. As compared to previous jade pieces, this carver did a bit more homework to complete this modern reproduction.

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Red Oval (above) - When I first saw this "tiger", instantly the body carvings caught my attention. This carving style was very popular during the Spring & Autumn period or 春秋时代 - slight gradient between two parallel lines ending with hooks. On a closer look, this style was very inconsistent throughout the entire body and looks very stiff. 

Red Rectangle (above) - The weirdest carving I have ever seen trying to depict a tiger's head and ferociousness. Looks absolutely retarded.

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Red Rectangle (bottom) - Little or no attention to detail at the bottom of the jade piece. It seems like this "tiger" has a beer belly for some reason. 

All in all, the general stylistic feel does not portray the true spirit of carving styles that represents the Zhou 周 dynasty. As for material, the greyish green stone is questionable and not worth much even if it is genuine nephrite. Furthermore, traces of white stains at the head and tail looks very superficial and unnatural. Running my fingers on the surface reveals that it is too smooth to be true.

NOTE: Pieces reviewed on "Too Good To Be True?" does not represent our collection of jade pieces, and kept only to remind and educate both ourselves and others on collecting Chinese Jade. A meeting can be arranged to view our Chinese Jade Collection, please feel free to drop a comment with your contact details.